Matt Stearns

Vice President, Operations

Matt Stearns joined Mason & Mason in 2012, bringing with him deep experience in people management and client service after spending more than a decade as a branch manager and small business lender for Citizens Bank and TD Bank. During his time in the banking industry Matt succeeded by leveraging his aptitude for technology and his ability to see workflow at a micro-level; this came as a welcome asset to Mason & Mason. Matt sits in the firm’s North Conway, New Hampshire location and is responsible for managing platforms, designing and overseeing process, and ensuring that staff are conversant in their use in order to drive efficiency and make the insurance process easier for clients. “Part of our mission is to hang onto the traditions that have made us successful, while embracing the technology that can help us to work smarter. We can deliver the technology and platforms that clients are beginning to expect while still having meaningful relationships with them; those two ideas don’t have to be mutually exclusive”, says Matt. “My goal is to make our internal processes frictionless for our folks, and to help make the insurance buying experience easy, understandable, and maybe even a little fun for our clients.”

Matt is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Durham (Magna Cum Laude) and is licensed in Property & Casualty insurance. He is a lifelong resident of New Hampshire and has a deep appreciation for the outdoors as most granite-staters do. He is an experienced all-seasons hiker who has completed the 48 New Hampshire 4,000 footers. Matt is a volunteer snowboard instructor and a board member for the Eastern Slope Ski Club. Matt is a supporter and regular volunteer for the Mount Washington Observatory.

BA, University of New Hampshire

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