Business Insurance

We partner with business owners to provide insurance coverage that suits the unique needs of a business. Whether you’re an independent contractor, the director of a nonprofit, or a proprietor of a large local restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Protecting your business means everything to us because your business means everything to you.


No fees for our service (really!):

Independent insurance agents like us do not collect a fee from you for our service. We are paid a commission by the insurance carrier with whom we place your business.

Dedicated and Accessible Service Team:

You can expect to reach a real person when you call our office and a timely response from your Account Manager when you send them an email. We communicate clearly, quickly, and through whatever medium you prefer — not through a call center.

Claims Advocacy:

Although we have deep respect for our carriers and their ability to handle claims, sometimes we just have to step in. This can be during a catastrophic event that affects many — such as a flood or blizzard — or during a complex loss situation that only affects you.

24/7 Connection:

Our mobile app and Client Portal give you instant access to your policies, auto ID cards, and more on your handheld device. You can access your information at any time, weekends and holidays included, or print your policies right from the app.

A Review of What Matters:

Open communication is a vital component of the commitment we make to our clients. We conduct proactive outreach to check in at regular intervals to keep up to date on how you and your business are evolving.

Small Business Insurance Offerings

Hospitality & Restaurant Program

Your focus is on taking care of your guests, and that’s an enormous responsibility. Your insurance program must reflect this. That’s why Mason & Mason focuses on taking care of you.

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Condos & Unit Owners' Insurance

Condo ownership provides a unique freedom to owners, but also presents unique risks. The interplay between the bylaws, the master policy and the unit owners’ policies is something that isn’t to be taken lightly. We do the navigating, and advise you so that you understand what you’re buying and why.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Your nonprofit can better fulfill its mission when its insurance needs have been properly met. Solutions vary according to the precise need of each organization.

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General Liability

Your liability concerns as a business owner ebb and flow with changes in technology, and society in general. This insurance protects your enterprise from exposures ranging from slip-and-fall injuries, to damage to another’s property, and more. This is the cornerstone of your insurance program.

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Commercial Property Coverage

No two commercial properties are the same, and a loss of any kind can grind your business to a halt. We address the costs associated with repair and replacement along with evaluating hidden risks for property owners.

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Umbrella / Excess Liability

When a claim against your company exceeds the limits of your liability insurance, an umbrella policy can drop in to provide excess coverage. If it sounds heroic, that’s because it is.

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