Condo Associations and Unit Owners Insurance

Condos provide a unique freedom in that individual owners get to enjoy the privacy and pride of ownership of the interior of their unit while sharing common buildings, yard space, and the costs of upkeep of those areas along with the exterior of the home with other unit owners. The relationship between the owners of each individual unit is in the form of neighborly bonds. Yet, the relationship between the owners and the association as a whole is defined precisely by the legalese found in the Condo Association Bylaws. Things tend to get murky when it comes to ensuring that the association and the unit owners are each properly insured according to those bylaws while giving consideration to new and emerging risks.

The team at Mason & Mason has turned the complex art of satisfying both entities’ insurance needs into a science. We do this by developing a deep understanding of the condominium associations within our communities, and by meeting regularly with the directors’ boards of the associations we do business with. When we have the opportunity to work with the association and its individual owners, the Mason & Mason team acts as the common thread ensuring proper design from both perspectives.

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Condo Association & Unit Owner Team