Contractors Insurance

You encounter complex risks each and every day and don’t think twice about it. You go into each job with the confidence needed to perform quality work at a fair price. You take pride in your work and in the end results. We can relate to that.

Our team of construction industry services professionals is not only well versed in insurance, but also in the construction trade. For more than three decades we’ve developed the industry know-how and trade organization relationships that are critical to proper insurance policy design. We understand the subtle nuances of construction insurance and how each detail affects the way you, as a contractor, do business. We’re happy to put that knowledge to work for your advantage, and to build your insurance program right the first time.


No fees for our service (really!):

Independent insurance agents like us do not collect a fee from you for our service. We are paid a commission by the insurance carrier with whom we place your business.

Dedicated and Accessible Service Team:

You can expect to reach a real person when you call our office and a timely response from your Account Manager when you send them an email. We pride ourselves on communicating clearly, quickly, and through whatever medium you prefer. You will not be pigeon-holed into a call center queue. Ever.

Claims Advocacy:

Although we have deep respect for our carriers and their ability to handle claims, sometimes we just have to step in. This can be during a catastrophic event that affects many — such as a flood or blizzard — or during a complex loss situation that only affects you.

24/7 Connection:

Remember the days before the advent of online banking? Certainly a simpler time, but today we can’t imagine life without it. We applied that same thinking when we introduced our mobile app and Client Portal. Moving toward a smaller environmental footprint is important to us, and we think it makes sense to give you instant access to your policies, auto ID cards, and more on your handheld device. We even provide a way for you to issue your own certificates of insurance; that means you don’t have to wait through a long holiday weekend or until normal business hours to provide proof of insurance to your potential new client.

A Review of What Matters:

When meeting with a new client for the first time, so many of them have described the lack of communication with their current agent. We buck this trend and conduct proactive outreach to check in at regular intervals so that we don’t lose track of how you and your business are evolving. And while it matters that you reach out to us when there’s a change, we think it matters that we check in, too.

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Contractors and Subcontractors

As the flagship program of our construction industry services practice, we ensure that the subcontractors of our GC's are insured properly and at a fair price. We aim for overall value, and that helps the bottom line for everyone on the job.


General Liability

The cornerstone of any insurance program tends to be the general liability policy. Her you'll find coverage for damage to others' property as well as bodily injury to others. It's essential coverage that provides peace of mind.


Tools & Equipment

Your collection of tools and equipment are critical to moving the job along. But when the right tool for the job is comes up missing or lost, progress can grind to a halt. See how easy it is to guard against this risk.


Workers’ Compensation

State laws create a compulsory requirement to insure your employees via a Workers' Comp policy. We help our contractors understand the basis of cost, how to prepare for audits, and how to uncover added savings through safety programs.


Business Automobile

Trucks and other autos are vital to the operations of our contractor clients, and so is a well designed business auto policy. See how our approach to designing coverage - from single autos to fleets - can help keep things running.


Builders’ Risk

New construction and renovation projects create unique risks even in the short time that they are underway. With access to programs that are both affordable and robust in coverage, we've got contractors and homeowners covered.


Contractors & Subcontractors Insurance Program Team