Personal Insurance

You deserve an insurance agent that will take the time to handcraft the protection you need to guard what’s important to you. We provide personal consultative guidance and advice so you can better understand what you’re buying and how it works. Spend your time enjoying your family, home, car, and all your other cherished belongings, not worrying about their protection.


No fees for our service (really!):

Independent insurance agents like us do not collect a fee from you for our service.

Dedicated and Accessible Service Team:

You can expect to reach a real person when you call our office and a timely response from your Account Manager when you send them an email. We communicate clearly, quickly, and through whatever medium you prefer — not through a call center.

Claims Advocacy:

Although we have deep respect for our carriers and their ability to handle claims, sometimes we just have to step in. This can be during a catastrophic event that affects many — such as a flood or blizzard — or during a complex loss situation that only affects you.

24/7 Connection:

Our mobile app and Client Portal give you instant access to your policies, auto ID cards, and more on your handheld device. You can access your information at any time, weekends and holidays included, or print your policies right from the app.

A Review of What Matters:

Open communication is a vital component of the commitment we make to our clients. We conduct proactive outreach to check in at regular intervals to keep up to date on how you and your business are evolving.

Homeowners Insurance

A homeowners policy is more than just protection for your house and your belongings. It affords other vital protection such as liability, which helps homeowners protect their other assets from the impact of litigation.

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Automobile Insurance

Believe it or not, operating your automobile is perhaps the riskiest thing you do during the course of your day. This makes your automobile coverage critical, and when it comes to coverage design we offer the guidance that you, need year after year..

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Valuable Articles Insurance

A traditional homeowners policy has limits to the amount of insurance that it will provide for unique, valuable items such as jewelry, furs, and wine collections. A rider, or jewelry floater, is the solution to provide proper and adequate coverage.

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Personal Umbrella

When the liability limits of your home or auto policy are exhausted because of a high-dollar claim, an umbrella policy can step in and continue to provide coverage. In today's world, these policies are not just for highly-successful individuals anymore.

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Life Insurance

As a benefit to our clients we offer a free analysis and quotations for life insurance. With an easy up-front information gathering process and low annual premiums, this coverage can be perfect supplement to your personal insurance program.

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Boats & Recreational Vehicles

Choosing the right insurance for your recreational vehicle or boat means analyzing its use and value. Our team of professionals can provide top-quality protection at affordable rates, providing the peace of mind you need to enjoy all of your adventures.

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